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Refrigeration Installation

Inside store view of a forklift next to a four door case
Inside a Save A Lot remodel
Line-up with bunker
Multi-deck line up with an island case
In store Brazing performed by skilled professionals
In-store pipe brazing
Bunker with Case line up installation
Door case line-up with wide island bunkers
Assembling a bunker
Putting it all together
Inside view of a Walk in box
Setting an evaporator in place

We're ready to get your business up and running.

Whether it's one of our bakery cases, deli cases, walk-in freezers, or anything else in our extensive inventory of new and used refrigeration equipment, you can rest assured we'll get it delivered and installed in record time. Here's what you can expect from our expert installation teams:

Snow flake iconComplete installation of all refrigeration equipment we sell by well trained, highly qualified and EPA Certified technicians

Snow flake iconA modern, efficient and well-equipped fleet, able to install your refrigeration equipment as quickly as possible

Snow flake iconAssembly and construction of walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers

Snow flake iconCustom metal work, flashing and close-offs

Snow flake iconReceipt, delivery and unloading of all refrigeration equipment

Snow flake iconDisplay case, millwork, rack condenser and evaporator unit setting

Snow flake iconRemoving old refrigeration equipment prior to installation of new pieces of equipment

Snow flake iconAssistance with floor drain layout

Snow flake iconRelocating existing drains to new locations to match new equipment specifications

Snow flake iconJoining refrigerant pipelines by on-site brazing

Snow flake iconFlowing nitrogen through refrigeration piping to avoid scaling

Snow flake iconRefrigeration piping layout and sizing

Snow flake iconCheck for refrigerant pipe leaks by pressurizing the system with dry nitrogen

Snow flake iconInstallation of rooftop units, roof penetrations, roof penetration sealing

Snow flake iconUp to a full year's warranty on materials and workmanship

Walk in freezer construction view
Walk-in box construction
One view of our installation crew using a crane to install equipment
Using a crane to set a roof top condensing unit